<transcy>About Us</transcy>

We are an artisan company specializing in dried fruit and snacks with more than 50 years of experience, handed down in the family. With our presence on this market, we are committed to maintaining high quality standards at affordable prices.
We are also people and parents who firmly believe that nutrition is a cornerstone of health, which is why we have created our Snack and Sfiz line to be able to have full control over the choice of origin of the products and the preparation of those that become snacks for us and our children too.
"We were born in the '70s thanks to a small craftsman, our father, a lupine producer, who taught us everything he knew about dried fruit and slowly together we also expanded to the distribution and creation of excellent pralines. And for the future we have many ideas on which we are working tirelessly to grow and improve as a company and as products. "