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Anacardi Crudi 500g
Anacardi Crudi  Snack e Sfiz
Anacardi Crudi 5Kg
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Raw Cashews

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Delightfully creamy and crunchy, whole cashews are the perfect choice for healthy snacks. Cashews are an important source of vitamin B6, potassium and protein. Completely natural with no added salt or flavorings

Cashews Snack and Sfiz are of high quality and are perfect for adding extra flavor and crunch to any meal. Cashews can be sprinkled over spicy stir-fries and fresh salads, roasted in olive oil and rosemary for a perfect party snack, or soaked overnight for a vegan cashew recipe as a substitute for dairy products.

A healthy snack: A snack can make or break a healthy eating plan. Choosing a nutritious, protein-rich snack like cashews can help you feel full between meals and reduce the chances of giving in to unhealthy cravings like chips or chocolate throughout the day.